NSW MRC Round 2
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Thread: NSW MRC Round 2

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    Default NSW MRC Round 2

    Has been (is still going) pretty good.

    Off track highlight will have to be the mysterious HQ driver that in one smooth moment, replaced his racing helmet with an Akubra without even blinking.



    Those things are bloody great to watch too for what it's worth. Suspension looks pretty soft and they are rolling all over the place. Good stuff.

    But enough about that, celebrate your fellow frogger in his Clio


    Now look at there times compared to the over 2L groups.

    His 1m:48s is up there with a Quattro's, RX7's, Holdens, E30's.

    Woooo Renault's

    #EDIT! Silly natsoft, hard linking fail. Go here. http://racing.natsoft.com.au/results/ and browse to the U2L and O2l results if interested.
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