Formula 1 delayed telecast and Pastor Mal
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    Default Formula 1 delayed telecast and Pastor Mal

    Got to watch the delayed telecast and not only have I lost interest now it's no longer live but it's sped up I guess about 5-10%. Anyone know what it is? Watching the background movements especially of people, it becomes obvious.


    Do like the inclusion of Pastor Mal though. He's always good for something new. Got a 5 sec penalty for not starting in his correct box. He should have been in 15 but started from 18 . He must be there for comic relief.

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    There will be 10 live races on FTA in 2015-
    Australia, Bahrain, Monaco, Austria, Germany, Spa, Singapore, Russia, Mexico, Abu Dhabi.
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    It was also broadcast on free to air Channel One in Brisbane about 12:20 am Sunday night, which I taped.

    Sounds like Renault have the least HP of the four engine manufacturer's. There was also a comment during the race that led me to understand that Renault needed to do more to conserve fuel at this track than other engines, but the worst was the way Daniels engine exploded in cloud of smoke just before he crossed the finish line on thee last lap. Wonder if they make to June before they start taking engine penalties. Doesn't give Daniel the opportunity to showcase his talents.

    Ferrari were second with Kimi and Vettel fourth. He is obviously light on his tyres as at the end of the race he was very strong. Vettel was strong in the beginning of race until he ran wide and damage the front wind, having to pit for replacement. Ferrari have obviously taken massive steps forward.

    Mercedes has issues. Both cars with break problems at the end of the race. Nico ran wide to let Kimi into second and Lewis ran out of brakes. Some suggested that one more lap and Kimi would have won, but life is full of if only.

    Edit:- Daniel will start his next race with his fourth engine having destroyed three so far this year (I know, not his fault). Current rules permit the use of four engines, but Bernie is working on a rule change to permit the use of five engines in a season without penalty. I can't see five being enough for Daniel for the rest of the year.
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    Was on Ten at 10.30pm Sunday in Perth. Given that it was a night race in Bahrain, I took it as being a live broadcast, or near enough. Would have been same as in Brisbane at 12.20am.

    Was much better than the previous 2 races highlights on Monday night, although qualifying was not shown, and I enjoyed that last year.

    Will look forward to the other live FTA broadcasts.

    Dan's engine blow at the finish line took me back to the 1980's turbo days - you would see that maybe a couple of times during nearly every race!

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