Belated passing of Peter Nesbit "Pepster"
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    Default Belated passing of Peter Nesbit "Pepster"

    I have been advised that Peter passed away a few weeks ago, due to illness. I have no details of his passing.

    His R8 Gordini is what was sold to Graeme Robson, and I completed the rebuild a few months back. He was very happy with the outcome of project, and was supplied with pictures through out the build process.


    In Memory of one of our kind, take a moment to remember him.

    My sympathies to his family,

    Ray WatsonBelated passing of Peter Nesbit "Pepster"-g-stripes-war-paint-1.jpgBelated passing of Peter Nesbit "Pepster"-g-stripes-war-paint-2.jpg
    Ray geckoeng

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    Could he mods move this thread to "in memoriam " perhaps?
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