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    Default Vale Max Suklan

    Max Suklan passed away last week. He was the son of John Suklan, a Renault specialist in Hurstville (Sydney) then Sylvania. They were both "Characters", John passed away in the 1980's and Max took over his business. Max was a champion of the 16TS, owning (and destroying) a number of them. In the later part of his life he was plagued by ill health and lived a solitary life on the outskirts of Lightning Ridge. He is survived by his mother and sister.
    During the years they were in business, they were friends and helped me as a broke teenager to keep my cars running letting me use the workshop, tools etc and particularly John teaching me the special things about Renaults, so many mechanics and workshops back then either wouldn't work on them or stuffed them up in repair attempts by people who knew not what they were doing.I learn t to fix cars from these guys, starting with my 1100S Caravelle, then an 1134 Gordini which was the car I learnt so much on as it had so much go wrong.
    We read about the great marqe, the Renault breed on these pages, remember also the people who kept the wheels turning.


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    That's a nice post.
    Although I never knew him personally, I can relate to what you are saying.
    There are a few (deceased) people in Victoria who have given me the same care and attention. Simply invaluable.
    The foundations of a life-long journey. Increasingly, it becomes our living legacy.


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