Conversation Between pugrambo and dogboy
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Conversation Between pugrambo and dogboy

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  1. I'm not accusing you of anything in regards to the advertising of the vehicle

    What i am saying is that if a car is first reg'd in a particular year then it generally falls into that years model run

    My GTi6 was manufactured late 97 yet it was first reg'd in this country early 98 which makes it a 98 model car not a 97 and as such is reg'd as a 98a being early 98 model run
    this would make your car a 57 and there is nothing wrong with that
  2. that's true but this car was intended for 1956 sale and the chassis was marked 56 like all other 56 models
    The other cars managed to be completed in time so did not have the light mark through the 6..
    It is a gray area but I think of it as a 56 model,finished in 57 and probably not sold until 58! though we will never know for sure...
    what irrates me is I have made it clear on the ebay ad of the discrepency and yet I am accused of misrepresenting it....
    There are certain members on here who attack me any chance they get...only a couple but enough to cast doubt on my integrity and that is unfair and unjust...
  3. A cars years model is generally marked as when it was first reg'd
    i have owned many cars that were built 12 months or more before they were reg'd
    this is easier when compliance plates came into play
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