Conversation Between pugrambo and Berridale
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Conversation Between pugrambo and Berridale

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  1. Hi Pugrambo,

    *Have you pulled an engine out of a 306 leaving the box in place?

    we got the donor 306 1.8 8v engine/box out today, easier when you just cut the lower rail away.

    The manual says you need to take the engine out with the box but i wonder if you can move the manual gearbox to the side to get enough room to put the engine in from the top?

    The Renault 19 was a tight fit as well couldn't be done but i think the 306 has more room.

    Again the manual is hopeless, flywheel timing ,TDC are not covered ,so i will have to mark and be careful as i swap over the clutch/flywheel.

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