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Conversation Between pgti6 and mi16pug

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  1. Thanks Jeff for the info, appreciate it. Geoff
  2. G'day Geoff,
    1. Mount the catch can as high as possible. Preferably higher than the cam cover breather pipe as syphoning can occur when mounted lower. The small drains allow the head to fill with oil quicker than it can gravity drain back to the sump. Even better would be to have the catch can drain back to the sump like the original system.

    2. I tried just about everything before eventually dry sumping it.
    XU10 oil pump with shroud over the sprocket and baffle fitted to it. Trapdoor baffle at gearbox end. XU10 windaage tray mounted to the sump spacer. Fitted an Accusump for the low pressure moments due to braking or cornering inertia. I fitted a mechanical oil pressure gauge to keep an eye on pressure but of course by the time it shows a low reading, probable damage has occurred.

    Happier now that it's dry sumped & with a season of SuperSprints at 8250rpm nearly completed it's holding up reliably. I can spend my time looking at the track rather than one eye at the gauge.

  3. Hi, I've been watching your mi16 build in recent years and watching some of the footage you've posted on YouTube. The car goes well!

    I've also got a 405 MI16 and doing Targa events with the Australian Tarmac Championship last few years which is going great. I've been concerned about a few things which hoping you might be able to help me with.

    1. Oil catch can - have you installed one, how big, where did you locate it and what's your plumbing configuration and what did you blank off, etc. I'm getting some oil wetness in the intake and oil/condensate also in the oil filler system.

    2. Oil sump baffle - what option did you go? I've been looking at getting the Constella unit from the U.K. as a direct bolt up.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

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