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Conversation Between PeterT and griffo

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  1. The engine fits ok without many mods. The 205 exhaust downpipe is the correct length, position, etc., but the flange size is wrong. So ideally you need an XU10J4 downpipe from Mi16 or S16. Some minor panel work is needed for PAS pump clearance, but otherwise it drops straight in. I recommend regrinding the inlet cam to my Stage I spec. and fitting 1.9L 205 injectors. Make sure the diagnostic lamp is connected so you can see faults. Sometimes the 1.9L injectors may be a tad rich, meaning the ECU can't lock on to closed loop lambda control and the light will come on. You will love the power and throttle response. I'm assuming you're using the XU10J4 ECU?

  2. Hi mate. Ive noticed your name come up a couple times with regarding parts, so i thought id drop you a line. Ive just purchased a 2ltr mi16(cast iron block) engine which im going to refurb and put in my series 1 205 gti. Can you help me out with any/ all parts needed for the conversion? Also, whats the best engine mods for this engine and where to get the parts from? Im looking to spend 10k total ( engine refurb, rebuild 1900 gear box and have it installed in car). Any advise would be much appreciated.
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