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Conversation Between mistareno and nz90125

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  1. Hi Richard. Just wanted to say thank you and give a update. I have just fitted the electric choke and everything feels as if its running so much better. many thanks for the directions you were spot on all the ways. The only thing i did not mentioned was use the old power lead from the old choke. as i struggled finding a live wire close by and realised the existing wire was live all the time. Now iam not heel toe brake and accel at the traffic lights near work after a shift. once again thank you. Regards David I just noticed you managed to get a rear brake valve where from ???????????
  2. Hi Richard. Hope you had a great christmas& new years. iam hoping you can help. i recall reading about you changing the choke on the fuego with a xf. i have never been hppy with mine on the fuego and have just found a xf choke. may i ask a few questions regarding. i am picking up the xf choke tomorrow and am unsure what parts it will replace. iam sure once i see the unit things should become clear,
    1, when you say the three screws are you refering to the first 3 small screws that as the water pipes attached or is it the main unit held bey 3 long screws.
    2,The wiring needs to be live all the time, so that gets wired under the dash ?
    3, turning the spring 180 ?
    hope what iam asking makes sense.
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