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Conversation Between mistareno and Chief

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  1. Dear Mistareno

    A work mate gave me your forum to look at as he said it was very good, a vBulletin package as is my own and had good examples of how to use it for advertising and generating revenue ...

    I didn't want to break any forum rules so thought I would message you directly.

    Could I please ask a very big favour ?

    Would you mind giving me a few tips and pointers on how I too could get advertising just as you have done successfully here on my own web forum for heart patients ?

    I need a bit of a mentor just to bounce a few questions off ...

    The website is: or the newer one I am building is ... if you click on the Forum tab ... you will see what I mean ... I need your help ...

    Hope to hear from you.


    Lars Andrews
    Chief Cardiac Physiologist
    [email protected]
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