Conversation Between marty 404 and stew
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Conversation Between marty 404 and stew

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  1. How goes the fixin' up?
  2. Ooo yeah! Got 18 psi into her before I knew what happened! Some where around 300 ft lb of torque so about 300 hp. at the moment. Right on 5850 rpm in second is 60 mph. Lots of grip too without all that sideways stuff the Jap stuff gets. That is the Torque tube physics. I'm still running the engine in again so nothing over 6500. I'm making a new cam with low engine speed fat torque in it's design but as with almost every thing on this build every thing takes 6 times as long to get done! 6500 will just be the dyno max to impress all my friends. I don't need to drive it over 5000 at all.
    I've just made an air con system for the 404 just for your interest. I think I have it on my Album page. It's fitted to a white 404 sedan. The compressor sits where the alternator is and the alternator runs off the compressor and mounts inside of the comp. towards the head. Might be worth a look! If you would like any info or stuff for the 404 I would be pleased to help. Got any images of the project?
  3. Hi Stew
    Iam restoring a 404 on the Gold Coast thread 404 overhaul your engine bay pic looks impressive is the car running and registered it must go like stink.
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