Conversation Between Kenfuego and The Gonz
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Conversation Between Kenfuego and The Gonz

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  1. Thanks for that Gonz

    It's an interesting link, while it appears to re-assure as to the reefs survival, exposes the worst guessing that is going on by modeling, but has the mandatory "its worse than we thought" from researchers, presumes warming will continue, though scientists say warming has ceased since 1998, or is flat, then in the tail of the article there is a claim of ocean acidification ie a basic solution remaining basic but slightly diluted IF. Its the big if of warming or cooling, they don't really know. I wish they did.

    That aside how are things. Your son is becoming hands on with the Fuego. By the time you get home, he will either have a rebuilt car, or a large pile of scrap metal. I am pleased to see him having a go.

  2. Hi, Ken. I came across this today and thought you might like it
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