Conversation Between JohnW and Graham Parton
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Conversation Between JohnW and Graham Parton

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  1. Hi John, I had difficulty contacting you the other day, I will try again today when I get the chance. I hear what you are saying about bodywork (a Fiat owners worst enemy). Maybe this vehicle would be worth rescuing as a parts car at the very least. Found an old post of yours - something like this would be perfect
  2. Hi John, I am a reformed Fiat fanatic who took a look at a fairly rough 16ts yesterday. I am thinking of taking it on as a project. If it were a Fiat I would have no problems as I have the contacts and could source parts. Could you tell me how difficult a project the 16 TS is likely to be in terms of accessing mechanichal parts and perhaps a bonnet. I live in Bunbury WA. Cheers, Graham
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