Conversation Between GRAHAM WALLIS and Isis
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Conversation Between GRAHAM WALLIS and Isis

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  1. Hi Graham, I hope you are well.
    I have bought an s3 gti and am on the hunt for a decent bonnet in any colour, not si - even though they look better!
    Cheers, Ash
    Are you aware of any gtis being parted out?
  2. Dr Wallis,

    Do you still have the standard seat belts in your rally Si? does the main hoop of the cage stop their use in any way? I am thinking of getting David Brown to bend me up a main hoop like yours but I need to retain my belts. Does the location of tagging make any difference?

  3. HI Graham,

    I need a spare wheel cage if you have one. Happy to pick up and give you a few bucks. I am guessing that the GTI and Si ones are the same.
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