Conversation Between Frans and R8 Perth
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Conversation Between Frans and R8 Perth

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  1. Sorry I noticed this message now only. Rather PM me then I will see it sooner. The Ignition system is a MegaJolt. Bought the kits and built it myself. Pickup, TPS, Coil are from Ford Zetec.
    The spindles are home made and you will have to have it done yourself. I can give you all info when you need it but it seems to be the answer to the age old problem.
    Are you building 2 Cars?? What spares do you have available?
  2. Hi Frans
    What are the spindles worth as I would be needing 2 ? What ignition system are you using, it looks like a custom fit crank position sensor? I am trying to get these 2 race cars built, but I'm flying blind without all the blokes from the track in SA . You forget how valuable those beers were after the race.
  3. Hi Frans
    Interesting, I was racing a left hand drive dauphine ,Brian Evans has it now.The Gordini motor that was in that is going into the R8 . It has the Dacia block and all the other good bits . Just not sure where I will race it ? After the Dauphine I raced a 911 and then a Camaro that Peter DuToit now has (the yellow and white one) , the good old days when it was easy to go racing.
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