Conversation Between Demannu and BigTallPaul
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Conversation Between Demannu and BigTallPaul

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  1. Hi Scotty. I'm in the UK about to attempt the D8 to D9 conversion in a Peugeot 306Gti. Have a few questions and hoped you may be able/willing to help.
    Did you give the vvt actuators 12v dc to make them operate? Would a PWM signal have allowed for 'part opening' ?
    Did you keep the dual 'wasted spark' ignition and join each pair of injectors together? Did you use 1 or 2 knock sensors?
    Did you have a D9 engine wiring diagram?
    Why did the rpm gauge signal need modifying?
    Was it a worthwhile modification with noticeable benefits?
    Thank you for reading this and hopefully responding. As you can tell I have spent time following your thread from a good while back and am keen to learn more! Paul ([email protected])
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