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  1. G'day Cam,

    I'm actually in the middle of another 505 wagon TD conversion, so I'm certainly conversant enough with them. There are a couple of issues with the choice of gearboxes that you'd have to discuss, but other than that I would certainly be happy to do it and at the moment I'm not working so I've definately got the time.

    Pricewise for the conversion, it depends which way you would want to go to overcome the gearbox issue, whether you wanted the diff converted as well (there's some machining required), and what parts you have for the conversion and what I would have to source.

    The other concern is where the car is. I'm in Adelaide.

  2. Bday Demannu,
    I've been on the forum for years and have been into 205s competing many engine conversions. I've just acquired my Dads 505 GTi Wagon and love it to bits. I had a 505 gtd for about 2 weeks once and still remember every drive in it. Fantastic cars. Anyway, the purpose of my message is to ask if I were to want to put the td motor into the 505 would you be the man I would ask? If so, roughly how much would conversion cost? I have not the time or space and knowledge to do such a thing at the moment. The car has covered 260k but still drives well. I'm in the process of getting a gearbox built for it as 1st gear is very noisy but other than that its very good.

    Anyway, let me know what you think.
    Regards Cam
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