Help, I can't see the videos
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    Default Help, I can't see the videos

    G'day all.

    Tried downloading the Clio 16v & the Renault R5 turbo rally video today (51Mb took a few hours on dial up). I only seem to get the sound but no picture. Tried playing with Mediaplayer, Power DVD & Quicktime but none worked.
    I right clicked and "saved target as" to a folder. Itallian rally drivers and the 505 drifting were saved in the same way and run fine.

    Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks Marc.


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    Hey marc, you most probably need to download a piece of software called a "codec". This runs in the background when you use a media player program such as WMP, winamp etc. A codec just decodes the compressed video data in your movie file.
    As to where to dowload it, i'm afraid it just depends on the particular codec that is required.
    In windows media player, you will probably see (just underneath where the movide should be playing) something like "Error decoding video stream". If I remember correctly, clicking it will bring up more information, and perhaps a link to download the appropriate codec.
    I'm willing to bet though that the codec you are after is called "DivX", which can be downloaded here:

    Hope that helps you,
    1999 406SV (D8)
    1986 BX19GT

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    or download this freeware player. It will play most vids you are having trouble with.


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    Default Thank ewe, Andrew, Dave & dags (kiddin')

    G'day Andrew, Dave & all others.

    Firstly, when I tried playing these clips in media player I did notice an error message in the bottom of the window - "error downloading codec". So I went to your link Andrew and downloaded/installed DivX Codec whatchya' m'call it. This got media player & power DVD to show me visuals not only the sound, great I thought and thank you !
    I'm using media player 9, tried 10 and found it a bit confusing to learn. Besides, the advavtages stated (MP3/downloaded music etc, mediaplayer 9 vs 10) I don't really use anyway so why bother? On the other hand, I like my comp to do what I ask of it without drama. Once installed DivX codecs the clips ran in media player and power DVD no worries. Quicktime still didn't want to know about them but I only use this when I have to so no problem there.

    Next I downloaded/installed the VLC media player, thanks Dave. I was also able to see the film clips using this, this is great! The more options the better from my point of view.

    I now have a choice of four programs to play these clips, ( DivX player, Media player, Power DVD & the VLC player). Thanks guys!

    I guess I got burnt on my previous computer once when I installed "Realplayer". It wanted to take over everything it could. Personally, I hate programs that think they're "it and a bit". Try and muscle their way in.
    In other words - "I'm so great, you must use me" programs.
    The "Google toolbar' is one that came up in one of the mentioned solutions above, fortunatelly I know better now. I have "google au" set as my home page and that is sufficient, no need for a tool bar.

    Thanks again Andrew & Dave (north & south from me, Melbourne) for your help.
    I also hope this may help others browsing this thread, (the silent majority) get the videos playing as most are well worth it.

    We live and learn hey?
    Had the comp' four years and learnt heaps sofa yet I got miles (many clicks) to go .

    Seeya' all -

    Marc wit with Pug job

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