i was traveling down punt rd about 2.45 today and heard a familiar sound and smelt a familiar smell.
turned around and the juha kengiss/rabbett subaru was next to me with the other team car behind.ahh the sound of a rally car with that intoxicating smell.
oh yeah they were left hand drive vehicles,not sure he drove a lefty in canberra ???
maybe chris snell can clear this up or i might go and review the tape i got of the chanell 10 show.
i think they were on the way to the city for the official opening as i saw another couple of rally cars later on going the same way toward the city.
we did similar in canberra were you travel to the city centre for the official start .
you line the cars up in order and drive over the official start bridge type thingy.
just an excuse for the media and generally rally fans to have a close up look at the cars and drivers.
oh yeah we got lost on the way to our one in canberra and just made it by 1 minute.
you get in BIG BIG trouble for being late with time penalties if your really late.
these things take a lot of orginisation and every late driver holds the rest up as you have to line up in a special order.
thank goodness we made it on time or snell would have had my guts for garters.