Total/Elf Oils prices.
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    Default Total/Elf Oils prices.


    At last, (I gave him a kick up the ribs this morning,) I've got the prices back from the Total/Elf distributors.
    Here they are, ex their warehouse in Brisbane and the latest generation of oils, so should be all compatible with most froggys in particular Citroen & Peugeot.

    As I received them.

    " ELF EXCELLIUM GP 5W 40 6 X 4LT $ 240.00
    ( Fully Synthetic )

    SUPER SPORTI XP 20W 50 API SL 6 X 4LT $ 100.00
    ( Mineral )

    SUPER SPORTI XJ 20W 50 API SJ 6 X 4LT $ 90.00
    20 X 1LT $ 80.00
    18LT $ 70.00

    SUPER SPORTI XJ 15W 50 API SJ 18LT $ 75.00

    ELF MATIC G 3 20 X 1LT $ 120.00
    ( Dexron 3 )

    GEAR ELF 80W 90 6 X 4LT $ 108.00


    COOLANT DILUTED 6 X 4LT $ 60.00

    BRAKE FLUID DOT 4 24 X 0.5LT $ 120.00


    Thanks again for you your patience, i look forward to hearing from you
    in the
    near future.

    ************************************************** *********

    If anyone wants any further info, give me a PM & I'll forward on contact details.

    I found a Total webpage the other day that was fulll of technical info on their products which I hoped to post the link for but I'll be stuffed if I can find it now.
    If anyone tracks it down can I get you to post it. It has this latest range of oils which came after the "Quartz" range.

    Alan S

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    I'm Interested, I'll Send you a PM soon...

    What would you recommend for the 89 405 Mi16???

    1989 405 Mi16 (PGT-405)

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