DNS Changer Malware Check before 9 July.
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    Default DNS Changer Malware Check before 9 July.

    Maybe the forum admin would like to comment here.

    This message received from my work IT dept, and it links to an Aust Govt website which simply states if your computer has been infected or not. I have heard adverts on radio today to carry out this check also. The web page explains it all. If your computer has been "infected" it will cause a problem on 9th July - as explained.

    Can you please navigate to the below link and make sure that your computer is unaffected,


    This is a site that checks that you are not affected by the “DNSChanger” Malware, it may be a requirement to test this with your home computer as well.


    I am not in the habit of passing on "computer threat" links, but this is the genuine thing, maybe not destructive, but informative.

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    our IT guy at work assured me that the free anti malware utility called Malwarebytes' Anti Malware, will remove this trojan no problem.

    i saw a 'computer expert' on tv this morning saying that if his pc was affected, he would do a complete clean install of Windows and reinstall all his software from scratch!

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    On a single PC perhaps but on a network with a NAT at the modem you should log into the modem as administrator and check the DNS settings. Mine were changed last year by this attack but i changed them back to the ISP and it hasn't reappeared..
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