It has not gone unnoticed by me that at the time of writing there is some pretty special stuff being offered for sale in our relevant section at the moment.

Despite my judgement being clouded by the lack of volume in an empty bottle of Chilean Carmenere, surely the following vehicles are very very special:

  • An immaculate 1955 Pug 203 wagon for less than the price of ANY new car

  • A 504 UTE with modern turbo diesel drivetrain


  • A very pretty R16 TS

  • A really nice CX

  • A 505 Rally car

  • A 504 COUPE for Goodness sake!!

  • Ohh, and a 1962 Dauphine Gordini

Not to put the mocker on any of the other cars in that section but wow, there is some seriously nice machinery on offer at one time!!!!!!!!!!

Hmm, now back to what is left in that final glass of Carmenere...