A silly suggestion, but did it ever happen?
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    Default A silly suggestion, but did it ever happen?

    As we have Left hand & Right hand drive cars there is always a problem when doing work on them, particularly if you are using a service manual, that instructions can get a bit confusing.
    Speedo cables that enter via the firewall on the left & then do right angled bends are common as are statements about removing something that's where the steering wheel or pedals now sit and it's often spoken about the strange feeling when after a lifetime of changing gears with the left hand, a driver gets into a LHD car & has to use his right hand.
    I know some cars in the 50s in particular the Vanguard had a gear lever on the RHS & from memory I think the 203 did (correct me if I'm wrong) on motorbikes it wasn't all that rare; Triumph went one down three up, whereas BSA were one up & three down. Indians & Harleys went left & right hand gear LEVER but had a foot operated clutch like a car and from memory, depending on model. left & right handed gear levers were used. Vespa Scooters had a swivelling handlebar attached to the clutch lever so you actually declutched & screwed the handlebar to change gears but I was wondering .......................... and knowing the French for doing things well...different ....did anyone ever produce a car with the pedals mirror reversed?
    Accelerator on the LHS, brake centre & clutch on the RHS.

    As I say, may sound stupid, but when you look at all the myriad of variations over the years, could this be the only standardised part of todays motor car & if the Froggies didn't try it I wonder why, after all if you are operating the car with your clutch pedal leg the closest to the gearlever on a RHD car, why shouldn't it be there on a LHD car (Been round Froggy cars so long now I'm starting to think like them.)

    As a bonus, think what a thrill it'd be driving a hire car over there in heavy traffic and think what fun the backpackers from Europe would have in the hire 4WDs here. Then again, the way most of them drive, perhaps it's already in existence. Anybody heard of this actually ever existing?


    Alan S
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    i know there were a few makes that had the accelerator in the middle of the brake and clutch like the T model ford
    it doesn't sound silly alan because as a very young child i thought that cars on the other side of the world had the pedals reversed
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    Alan.... not a real answer but LOTS and lots of farm anf heavy machinery have both LHS and RHS placement.... here in oz im not sure, but back home in Sou America. tractors varid like the dirt on the felds..lol- chris
    ... ptui!

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    The Cit 5CV has middle throttle and right brake and left clutch. Mind you the brake pedal may as well not exist for all it does(n't).
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