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    Default Internet Access - Broadband ADSL and Dialup

    A shameless plug for our wonderful web host, DCSI Internet.

    Check out their Broadband ADSL connections, both Usage Based and Unlimited Transfer plans at

    DCSI sell the very good Billion ADSL modem. There are also wireless and 4 port models available from


    If you can't get ADSL, or don't want it, DCSI also offer a wide range of nation-wide Dialup plans from $4.95 a month

    Phone 1300 66 55 75 for enquiries.


    P.S. Don't forget the policy you agreed to when you signed up with Aussiefrogs, found here
    As a courtesy to the host of aussiefrogs (DCSI) it is requested that advertising of other service providers is not encouraged on these forums. We would also suggest that anyone requiring a quote from any ISP do this via PM or e-mail but also as a show of good faith, also contact our hosts to ascertain their ability to supply this service in recognition of their generosity to aussiefrogs.
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