How would this make you feel.
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    Default How would this make you feel.

    A guy in the UK with an immaculate BX 16V has just come home from work & found this.

    "I've just come home from work and found my 16v has gone.

    One helpful neighbour said a blue lorry lifted it up with a chain through the windows and put it on top of another car, but she didn't think to take the reg no.

    Police have been informed, but can you all keep an eye out in scrap yards etc.

    Words fail me "

    Further it goes on from another
    " am very sorry to hear of your bx being stolen.

    I can only guess that it was pinched for the engine, to order, for somebody
    wanting it for another car.
    If it was lifted through the windows, the shell will be a write off.

    There is nothing we can do to protect ourselves if this is happening.

    What a sad world we are living in. "



    "Anyway, no one with any accountability would pick up a car with no damage or signs of being abandoned, by the roof. I think it was diddy coys taking it for scrap value, and whatever they can get from it.

    To be honest, the only reason I would want to get the car, is to rob it of my bits, and get my tools out of the boot back, and my CD player etc etc. I don't think it would go undamaged lifted up like that.

    The Police rang me back, as they said they had had a train of similar complaints, and had a reg no. "

    Here's what it looks like.

    The bit that gives you the shits is that for about A$500 you can buy a decent one over there if parts were all you wanted. With a bit of luck, it'll fall off the truck & onto the thieving #$%^&* who stole it.

    Alan S

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    I heard a story about a guy that pranged his 205 in ENgland. He called a tow truck, who was to take it to his panel beater. He rang the panel beater a week later and asked about his car. "What car," they said. Some bad men had been intercepting messages from the tow truck company to drivers, somehow.

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