Picked this up off a UK forum:

Peugeot recalls 280,000 cars

Peugeot has announced the recall of up to 280,000 cars because of a possible fault in the braking system.

Owners of right-hand drive 206 models will be sent letters from next week and asked to make an appointment with an authorised service dealer. Peugeot said a simple replacement of a pin on the brake pedal will be made.


The company said the fault in very rare circumstances could affect the braking system on models built before February 2002. The company said that for safety reasons, it had decided to launch a recall campaign.

A customer help line 0845 60206206 has been set up for car owners requiring any advice or help.

Vehicles built after February 2002 are not involved.

Dunno if it will affect anyone here, guess we'll find out in time.