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    Default 5 features of the Board

    I am not sure whether anyone has posted about this neat feature I just found, but here goes.

    At the top right of the forum page, next to the green box where your login info is shown, are 5 bottons. If you roll over these you will notice that they do the following (from left to right)

    Open Buddy List
    Open a list of new threads
    Mark all read

    Pretty cool huh?

    Now all we need is a spealing chekc

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    One feature I like about the private messaging. You have read receipts, but more importantly, when you are on the forum and a message is sent to you, a dialog box pops up - so you notice straight away.
    Just got one then, it's great.

    Big pat on the back for gibgib, you made a good choice to upgrade Thanks for the time & effort you've put into making this work.

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