Answer to those Pinging Pugs??
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    Default Answer to those Pinging Pugs??

    Just found this on a UK board.
    It sounds very much like the problems some of you guys have had with your Pugs which can be partially hidden by using Optimax etc.
    Have a read and see if the symptoms fit the bill that has plagues so many 306/307 owners over the past couple of years.

    "My XM (2 litre turbo Automatic, 1995 Mark 2) is pinking, but not seriously.
    Enough to be noticed though.
    I have changed the spark plugs and air filter and gone through the basics, but it still pinks.
    Eventually I took it to a Citroen specialist.
    No error codes came up on their diagnostic computer.
    However, they have traced a fault to the throttle potentiometer and have advised me to change it.
    They believe this is the likely cause of the pre-ignition problem.
    What do you think?
    All advice welcomed.
    Thank you.



    The Response to this was:-

    "The throttle potientiometer directly reads off the position of the throttle flap.
    If for any reason the potientiometer signals a faulty position back to the ECU - you could then get a lean running engine which is known to cause pinking.

    The theory fits - if a fault in the potientiometer causes a constant position signal offset.

    As long as the position signal is sensible - i.e. within the normal operating range - the ECU will not take it as a faulty signal - but simply do it's job based on the actual signal received - hence no fault codes.

    The throttle potientiometer is a known bugger on modern cars - and the common cause to strange engine rev's. Only if it's worn to such a stage that the signal is completely lost at certain throttle positions - you get an ECU stored fault code. But then the fault code stored most likely refers to a Lambda problem - since the gas mixture get's insane - and likewise the Lambda value."

    Alan S

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    Yeah, well, everyone knows those Lamdas are worth a packet!

    I just found out that one of the two brothers at Gunnedah who have their grandmother's Lamda still in the original garage it went to the day it was bought has died.

    But then again this should be on an Italian car forum... what would that be called?


 realise this is a joke, don't you? Mystified by the modern automotive sciences, I had to relate it to something I knew......

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    English is not the respondent's first language

    but his mechanical knowledge I've rarely seen questioned.

    Alan S

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    I suspect those pesky throttle potentiometers are also the cause of many unnecessary auto transmission rebuilds, in many mondern cars, not just froggies.
    2004 Clio Expression Verve 4sp auto -
    1984 Fuego GTX 5 speed (now a write off) -
    1976 504 GL auto (sold)

    French cars, Australian wine.

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