g,day all i have just rejoined after an absence of a few months i am throwing this little post in just for general interest. i recently bought a peugeot 306 for our shopping basket car i had read up on them and thought one might a fun drive... well i was really well pleased i have owned a few cars in my time mainly 2- 3 ltr. sedans, wagons all ok except for an 02 liberty wgn. which i bought as a demo gutless bl***y thing any way this little pug is terrific great drive,steering,ride,roadholding,i love it a 2litre motor in an 1100kg. car, if i could get hold of one in mint cond. with low kms. would buy it in a jiffy our larger main car sits in the garage now and rarley gets used. so if you are looking for a good drive buy one....seeya