Calling all budding car designers: design a new Renault 4
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    Default Calling all budding car designers: design a new Renault 4

    Here's your chance to design a "new" Renault 4.

    More here:

    An excerpt from the website:

    01 - the subject of the international competition contest is


    participants are asked to re-design the renault 4.
    the briefing is broken up in 2 main parts:

    1- the look and its style:

    the RENAULT 4 has been the third bestselling model in automobile history and
    has become an international pop style icon. your new design project should
    respect the identity of the historical R4 model, which was based on an extremely
    functional and minimalistic philosophy.


    the RENAULT 4, first presented in 1961, was an industrial mass-production model.
    its innovative, low-cost but effective solutions embraced the entire population.
    not only in france, or europe, but worldwide, as it transcended social boundaries.
    before ceasing production in 1994, the R4 reached a total distribution of 8,135,424 cars
    in more than 100 countries. like denim jeans which are worn the world over by all classes,
    its creator and former president of renault, pierre dreyfus launched the renault 4
    as 'the blue jeans car'.
    people of all nations expressed feelings of sympathy to the changes in society
    of the sixties, which had been catalyzed in the peace movements, and the R4 was
    a favorite means of transport for those young people itching to explore the world.

    this year, the R4 turns 50. this competition aims to revive the R4's spirit
    therefore, somehow your re-design should resemble the look of the
    historic model and most importantly: it should look great.
    Prizes include an R4 rally car and lots of cash.
    Curious to see what the entries will look like - most likely along the lines of the "new" Mini or Fiat 500.

    - Richard

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    Great to see the Aussiefrogs participation level right up there! I personally think it's an excellent idea and am looking forward to seeing some of the re-creations! Couldn't look much plainer than the original!
    Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone............

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