Victorian buying a car from NSW questions
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    Default Victorian buying a car from NSW questions

    I know this has been discussed here previously, but I can't seem to find any reference to it in the search options.
    I am considering buying a vehicle ( of the non french variety), from NSW, and am unsure of the procedure involved in the transfer between states.
    The vehicle in question has 11 months rego, and if I decide to buy the vehicle, 2 of us will drive up and drive the vehicle back to Vic.
    I assume the car has a green slip, as it is registered, and i do have to ring the owner to discuss the vehicle, but I was wondering as a general rule, what normally happens in these circumstances.

    I know in Vic, that most people are hesitant to let a vehicle go with plates on it, as it is the buyers responsibility to get the roadworthy, and submit the paperwork to transfer the rego, so until that happens, any legal responsibility falls back to the seller.

    I'm not sure what happens in NSW, can both the buyer and seller go into the RTA and transfer the vehicle in the spot, and will the RTA transfer a vehicle reistration into the name of a victorian. or does the vehicle have to be de-registered, then driven back on an unregistered vehicle permit, which means I will have to get one in both states maybe, not sure


    any comments would be appreciated


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    Let me start by saying I'm not sure of the answers to all of your questions, but I'll try.

    On NSW rego papers there is a section where the seller can complete your details both for transfer of rego and "notice of disposal" - the later can also be done online by the seller. This effectively immediately transfers ownership in terms of liability for various fines - parking, speed camera etc away from the seller once they submit that to the RTA. Not sure how you go using a victorian address however. I would actually try to ring the RTA helpline and get info straight from the horses mouth.

    If it is currently registered, it will have a valid greenslip and that normally transfers over to you when you transfer the rego, again, not sure how that will work with a victorian address. Yes, in theory, if the RTA accept VIC addresses (which I doubt), you could both go in and transfer rego instantly, but you would also be up for Stamp duty on transfer based on the value of the car.

    I suspect you would be better going down the unregistered vehicle route and the bonus is that the existing seller gets to refund the balance of the rego back to themselves, and you have a bargaining tool for a lower price based on the "hassle" involved in going through all you will have to go through to get it registered in VIC eventually including the NSW permit stuff etc.

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    Wow, a victorian perspective on NSW sure does muddy the waters.

    Registration is not transferable interstate. This the important bit.
    As KB siad, you just buy the car, fill out the back of the rego papers, and it is yours to do as you please for the next 14 days or whatever the given time in which will need to include either transfering the rego to yourself with a NSW address or cancelling it in vic and handing the plates into your transport dep, and receiving the refund before initiating rego in that state.

    The CTP insurance stays with the car until the rego expires or is cancelled.

    So, just buy the car, and on the day fill out the rego papers, get a receipt with the vin, the sellers and buyers names, date, amount paid and I think that is about it, then it is fully yours to do as you like.


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    Last year I bought a NSW car for m-i-l who resides in Melbourne. She drove it around Melbourne on the NSW rego for about 8 weeks while some repairs were being done. She had no problem getting her accident insurance swapped from her old car to a NSW registered one.

    After getting the necessary Vic Roads roadworthy certificates etc, she handed the NSW plates to the Vic Roads office. Some time later got a refund from NSW for the remaining rego. Not sure if that included the CTP balance though. All in all was pretty simple for her.

    I'd suggest buy it, send in the disposal/change of owner info to NSW RTA and ignore the 14 days transfer requirement since you're living interstate. After you've got the Vic rego, contact the NSW CTP insurer too to double check if they will refund you or maybe do a credit to your Vic rego on a pro-rata basis.

    At the time I bought it for her, I never got a straight answer from RTA. They basically said refunds could only be made to the registered (NSW) owner. Obviously when they got the plates from Vic Roads that satisfied the RTA for giving the refund.

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    ok, my 2c on all this...
    *note that ownership, and being the registrant, are different things. the document which proves that you have bought the car, is the receipt the seller writes out when the sale is completed. proof of ownership is not normally part of getting a car registered. i think you will need it for a new registration, such as with an interstate car.

    *the rego papers are just that: proof of registration, and a transfer document. with the nsw one, the seller keeps half the paper, with both parties details on it. as noted above, they can then post that to the RTA or lodge it online, but the only effect of that is to put the RTA on notice that they no longer own the car. it doesnt actually transfer the rego.

    *the Buyer gets the actual Cert of Rego, with Sellers signature and sale details. that is to allow transfer of the rego with the RTA. it is of no legal consequence outside nsw. outside nsw, this is a new registration, essentially, not a transfer.

    *in nsw liability for fines is prima facie with the person who commits the offence. a seller may be held liable, but that would only be where the real culprit could not be identified AND where the notice of disposal had not been put in promptly. not putting it in does not necessarily make you liable for anything. if one gets a fine for something you didnt commit, then you fill in a document saying who did. i would think that the same anywhere for all the obvious reasons.

    the point of all this: there would be no reason to transfer the rego in nsw, if you were going to cancel that and register it in Vic. you just buy the car, get a receipt, drive home, get a roadworthy and go to vicroads. you dont need to give a second thought about the seller, nor he about you. as a buyer, there is actually nothing to send to the nsw RTA other than the transer of registration. as you would not be doing that, there is nothing for you to send in.

    having a nsw certificate of registration may be required for information purposes. having the transfer section is probably better than not, but really has no relevance to the process.

    are sellers in Vic really in the habit of keeping the number plates?
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