Victoria's mobile speed camera locations now public
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    Default Victoria's mobile speed camera locations now public


    Victoria's mobile speed camera locations now public

    The locations of Victoria's mobile speed cameras will be published each week on the state's Department of Justice website, the new Coalition Government has announced.

    The move will also include the appointment of Australia's first Independent Road Safety Camera Commissioner.

    Deputy Premier and Minister for Police and Emergency Services Peter Ryan said the publishing of camera locations will form part of the new government's sweeping changes to Victoria's traffic camera system. The intent is for greater transparency, integrity and public accountability for speed and red-light cameras.

    "Victorians need to have confidence that the state's traffic camera network is accurate and has proper oversight, which is why the Coalition has requested that the Auditor-General conduct an extensive investigation of speed camera operations and to report his findings to Parliament," Mr Ryan said.

    Mr Ryan said the independent Road Safety Camera Commissioner would monitor all aspects of the traffic camera system, including site selection, technologies, testing regimes and administrative processes.

    "The Commissioner will be responsible for quality assurance and reporting and complaints management, as well as investigations and reviews," Mr Ryan said.

    The overhaul of Victoria's speed camera regime includes:

    Appointing Australia's first independent Road Safety Camera Commissioner to monitor and review the operation of the state's speed and red-light camera network;

    Requesting a full audit of Victoria's speed camera system be undertaken including, but not limited to, the issues of independent testing of all cameras, speed measurement devices and police radar equipment to be conducted by the Victorian Auditor-General's Office;

    Expanding the use of roadside signs to promote road safety especially on country roads;

    Publishing a weekly list of mobile speed camera locations by street and suburb; and

    Launching a new website before Easter Cameras Save Lives with regularly updated information about the number and value of traffic camera infringements, and the camera locations with the highest number of infringements, with clear explanations of how the cameras work. Map above shows fixed camera locations. For details about the location of both fixed and mobile speed cameras in Victoria, go to the Department of Justice website.


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    listed TWICE for the short road round the corner from our place ! It must be really profitable, a little downhill one way, 70k on roads at each end of it, divided by a large median strip - limit 50k.....

    you can look 'em up but.....

    "Please be aware that while the list is accurate at the time of publication, it will be subject to change."


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