Changes in the Renault world
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    Default Changes in the Renault world

    Two interesting developments in this article.
    First Dacia are launching next year a monospace that is priced as the Modus but offers the space of a Scenic. Seems that Renault are hell bent on cannabalism but it is Dacia that is giving them market growth in France.
    Second, the Rumanian factory is busting at the seams and can't meet the demand. This is obvious from the waiting lists for the Sandero and the Duster ( now four stretching to six months).
    Renault are opening a factory in Tangers, Morocco. It will make 400,000 Dacias per annum, more than doubling production and 95 per cent will go to Europe. They will come into France via the ports at St Nazaire and Sète. They currently make the Logan in Casablanca as well.


    I twice parked next to Dusters in Bordeaux last week. there are not to my taste but I can see why they are so popular. It is a very well built town 4X4 which is big enough to be useful without being obtrusive.
    A lot of car for the price.
    Dacia is a runaway success for a "French" car company.
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    All sounds pretty good Gerry. It will be interesting to see what happens when Dacia arrives here

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