Thanks to the prime la casse and the ecology bonuses, 2.25 million new cars were registered in France in 2010. The showrooms closed the year with 100,000 more orders in hand than at the start.
The resulting reduction in average age and engine size of the national fleet has had a real positive effect on average fuel consumption and emissions.


This is actually the second best of the last twenty years car sales. However, relative to last year PSA was down 1.3% which was a combination of an increase in Pug sales of 2.2% and a downturn in Cits of -5.3%. PSA have increased production in the Czech Republic this month to improve deliveries of the C4.
Meanwhile the Renault Group was up 4.2%, demonstrating the downsizing shift. Cars branded Renault were down -3.7% but Dacia were up +70.9%
They were also buoyed up Nissan sales that rose 18% at the expense of Toyota, down 25.8%
BMW were up thanks to the Mini, and Mercedes dropped -11.6%