The scrapping bonus finishes in France at the end of 2010. The budge cuts have hit the ecological bonus for 2011 and priorities have changed.

The 2000 euro subsidy for GPL gas powered vehicles has gone and the bonus for hybrids has been reduced.
The 100 euro bonus for buying a car emitting between 116and 125 gms CO2 has gone. For 2011 the bonus for 91 to 110 gms will be 400 euros and for 61 to 90, 800 euros.
Hybrids at less than 111 gms get 2000 euros and all vehicles under 60 gms, 5000 euros.
That ensures a subsidy of at least 5000 on the purchase of an electric vehicle.
Gas power is out because it is no longer a cheap and plentiful product, Russia controls the European market.