[SYD] Seeking cheap Brake Cleaner (20L bulk)
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    Icon7 [SYD] Seeking cheap Brake Cleaner (20L bulk)

    Anyone got tips on where to buy? I'm not convinced my mate is getting the cheapest price in his workshop - they often base purchases on a factor of convenience to them...

    Willing to split 10L or 25L, but BYO container. Please post your EOI below. I can hook you up with Wurth squirt bottles but they aren't cheap.


    Posted here rather than OzFlog as it's more something to discuss than a discrete "WTB".

    Cheers, Adam.

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    Hi Addo,

    I use gun-wash ($2.50 per litre bulk) for cleaning all the metallic parts and even neoprene stuff (for a quick dunk) if its in good nick.

    Final assembly is done with methylated spirits, 5 litre packs, from a discount supermarket.

    Shellite is pretty good too but more expensive.

    Most of the commercial cleaners are a mixture acetone (gun wash main constituent) and naphtha based spirits (which is the the main ingredient of prepsol or wax and grease remover)

    I'd be mixing gun wash and prepsol 50/50 vv and checking a sacrificial test item to see it doesn't dissolve!
    Most of the very old stuff (60-70-80) will not tolerate the mix or even tolerate Brakleen anyway. The naphtha spirit makes it evaporate more readily.

    Edit: r11= Trichlorofluoromethane and Carbon tetrachloride, has been used in the past, but the former is very bad ozone depleter and the latter is toxic and a human depleter so I suspect they are on the "banned" list, but excellent solvents nonetheless.


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