a short story...about my dad and a white 404...
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    a short story...about my dad and a white 404...

    i thought this would be a good place to tell u guys a little story about my dad and his (then)newly bought peugeot 404 (the one with fins)...here goes....:

    i was about 7 years old so we are talking 1976; the place is sarajevo (the capital of the new bosnia hercegovina) and its nearing the end of winter but with plenty of snow still around...
    also if any of you know european winters you ll know how early it gets dark...darkness usally start to set in at about 4 pm...anyway...
    my dad had just bought this pug;it was a white 404 and was in pretty good nick...even then as a child i though it was a cool car....;
    one of my dads friends came by and pretty soon they were of to go for a drive into the mountanous country sorounding the sarajevo suburb i lived in....(the story from this point is based on what my dad told the whole family, the newspaper story and the eyewitnesses....)
    what apparently happened was that at some point up in the mountains the peugeot ran out of fuel...my dad parked the car onto somebodys property and was lucky enough to catch a taxi on the way down almost emidatelly (his friend stayed behind....)what my dad next was come home and pick up his liile fiat yugo (500cc fiat you know the one...like the miniture beatle)he took a large glass bottle with him to get some petrol for the pug (whose petrol guage was apparently out of order-the owner forgot to mention that to my dad)....anyway...
    going up the mountanous road (which was quite slippery and narrowed due to the bulk of snow on the road)my dad was soon to face one of the most frightening moments of his life....what happened was that as he approached a left bend going up he suddenly saw this white car (cannot remeber the make)fully loaded containing 5 people (a family)...the car was sliding and was heading into my dads lane (right lane)...what my dad did then was ...i thought pretty heroic......insted of turning left towards the side of the mountain to avoid the accident he turned right towards the side of the mountain and the very very deep ravine below... what happened next was that the car skidding down hit my dads car on his left side..it hit my dads car hard enough to send him flying of the side of the hill...however the impact was sufficient to defelect the other vehicle back onto the road and into the safety of snow accumulated by the side of the road...my dad on the other side was not that lucky..acording to witnesses (car was seen coming down the mountain from the other side of the ravine, some passangers in a passing train saw the incident)..the car rolled in air about 6 times before it smashed (wheels first ) into the shallow miljacka river below....the passangers (visiting german tourists) took some photos...the indicator of the little yugo was still flashing in knee deep water...my dad a little bit scared got out of the car and walked up the side of the mountain where the police and ambulance was waiting....NOBODY COULD BELIEVE HE SURVIVED...the fall of the side of the mountain was close to 100-200 metres (the car was always in the air)thats how steep it is...anyway ....the following day he tried setting the peugeot on fire he thought it was JINXED....but when the pug would not light up my dad realised that maybe just maybe the pug was the reason the other 5 people were still alive....he sold the car soon after without ever driving it again...and he never ever bought a peugeot again.....the yugo wreck is still in the ravine apparently...i d love to go back one day and see it again....i wonder if the large glass bottle full of gasoline is still inside the car.....

    i hope you enjoyed it ..it is completely true and was reported the following day in a sarajevo newspaper...story featured the yugo (with flashing indicator)photo and witness accounts...


    ps...my dads friend who wanted to wait for him in the peugeot just in case somebody wanted to "borrow" some parts of the car almost froze waiting for him to come back...

    ppss...coming soon: the story of my dads unfortunate collision with a refrigerated semi and my dads fiat 1200 (i think)..caused by a pair of long legs....
    and a pub bet that a person can easily survive a 2cv driving over them....

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    My god what a story. That is unbelievable..

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