Well as I predicted, it happened today. For the past few days the CX has had a rattle in the front end which felt all for the world like a steering rack that was stuffed. Today it got so bad that I couldn't stand it any longer so off came the n/s front wheel, on went the spare from another CX we have here & the knock/rattle has again gone. When you look at the tread it is all over the place & an obvious manufacturing fault.
In around 3,000 klms this is the second Michelin which has given the impression of being manufactured "out of round" the first showing signs of an air bubble between the tread & cords.
Giving Mr Michelin the benefit of a very big doubt, what else could cause a problem such as this?? If there is a possibility of it being something other than Michelin shoddy quality, I would like to know before I throw all of these Michies away.
One thing for sure, I have great doubts that the next set of tyres will have a brand that starts with an "M" unless they are made in Thailand or China at which point I will be paying around $80 a tyre & expecting this type of service from them.
To see what my last tyre looked like you can see it at

And this is what it looked like when it was rotated 180o


Unfortunately, this latest one is a more graphic example of poor quality.


Alan S

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