Hey Mum! look what Sbarro's done to yer Berlingo
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    Hey Mum! look what Sbarro's done to yer Berlingo

    Don't know how many of you know who Sbarro is. He's a Swiss carossoir (stuffs around with cars ?? ) and makes up all sorts of specials. He has done some big numbers on the Berlingo (gibgib eat your heart out) he made a BX look like a mini moke only more modern, if you follow the link & look at Phillipe' Calvert's site you will see he has done a number on a Ferrari Mondial and a 406 coupe'.
    He made a 4 X 4 out of a Berlingo & Picasso as well as quite a few other way out machines.
    Link is courtesy of Julian Marsh's Citroenet in the UK which is a brilliant site, even if you aren't into Citroens but a must if you are.
    Hope you all enjoy and who knows: may see a few fancy specials if you get some ideas from this guy

    Alan S



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    I had checked that one out before.
    Stumbled in here http://web.ukonline.co.uk/members/jr.marsh/inconnu.htm somehow after going to the Sbarro site...also worth a look see

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