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Thread: 300 members!

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    Fellow Frogger! Andreas's Avatar
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    Sep 2000

    300 members!

    we made it, took longer than expected, but there are now 300 registered forum members.
    Well done gibgib, keep up the hard work.


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    Local Tyrant gibgib's Avatar
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    Mar 2000
    Sunshine Coast, Queensland
    300 members is great

    I'm way behind in reading in here being away for a few days.
    Still amazes me how you guys manage to put engines/ g/boxes in where they aren't supposed to go!

    Oh, & it ain't hard work, thanks for the support

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    Fellow Frogger!
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    Mar 2001
    Brisbane, QLD, Australia
    I saw the number sitting on 299 last friday, knew it wouldnt be long till the 300 was up !!!....it was not that long ago when 205,206 came up, then 250......who will be the lucky 306,309 ??

    Top stuff GibGib.


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    Administrator GreenBlood's Avatar
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    Mar 2001
    300 members....... that would mean let me think, ah yes about 300 cars in the members gallery...... I'm starting to get the impression there are a few pretenders out there, closet Datsun drivers, come on lets have a look at your cars.
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