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    Views from Sweden

    I've just been having a quick squiz at the site of which I've been a member for a while now,Yep I remembered my codes and things at last. I saw a pseudo ad for a 504 Ute, there are quite a few left here but they invariably end up in Africa, although a bloke nearby here has two. He is rung up all the time by New Swedes wanting to buy them; All information here is freely avaibile to everyone, well nearly. Someone wanted to know about importing from the UK, fine but the rust is gonna get the Peug every time. I have had several Pugs now here in Sweden where salt is the only real weapon against the ice and you would not believe the trouble it causes. Even the so called rustless cars here rust, but spray them with oil every year and you have a chance. Old cars are not driven in winter in order to protect them. It might be of interest to note that vehicles over 30 years are not subject to road tax and only need to be roadworthied every second year, of course that is little solace for Victorians, but it is important here as it costs more than a few bob and you never know what they're gonna find. My son bought a Volvo 740, a 1987 model from his school chum's mum because it failed the RWC, (cost about 400 bucks) two things needed fixing for the 2nd test (ie within 30days) I welded the bit next to the gearbox and replaced the broken parking globe,then it went through, but the list of "good to know things" had ten points about rust. You could have struck me down with a feather, rust so bad that the rear springs were about to pop up through the back bearers, a bit of quick welding there should see the winter through. What's this got to do with anything? An example of the problems that Peugeot have been fighting in trying to restablish the name as something worth buying. The 404s and 504s quickly rusted and Peugeots have been the butt of joles for years.
    Anyway I must get back to work, I just wanted to say what a great site this is.


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    Welcome to the site. wink

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