You thought you had broadband?
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    You thought you had broadband?

    A Swiss laboratory has sent data to California at the equivalent of a full length DVD movie in 7 seconds! In other words, 5.44 gbps, or 680MB a second!
    <a href="" target="_blank">New internet speed record set.</a>


    Wouldn't mind a connection like that! As long as there was no excess usage fee

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    And Telstra call 128k broadband

    -- DJ

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    Harvey Newman of Caltech, another of the world's major research centres, said the achievement boosted hopes that systems operating at 10 gigabits per second "will be commonplace in the relatively near future."
    Our tech group in Lucent have just finished in the last few months installation of the Brisbane-Sydney-Melb-Adelaide-Perth optical link capable of 320 10G signals when fully optioned. Using optical Dense Wave Devision Multiplexing technology the system currently has 40G capacity between major cities.

    To put it in perspective that about 300 audio CD's per second coast to coast. Now if only carriers started using this system.

    Unfortunately the uptake is rather slow. Probably Volume vs Price question.

    Oh well there are smarter people than me worring about the $$$. I just put the meccano bits together.
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