Does Your Style of Driving Upset your Wife?
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    Does Your Style of Driving Upset your Wife?

    Does your driving style upset your wife? If so, what in particular is it about your style she doesn't like?

    My friend's mom rides in the back seat when his dad is driving. I know another man who zooms into the garage big time just to upset his wife on purpose.


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    No james as Im single so I am normally the only one in the car apart from the old girl every now and then..

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    That's what wives do ... There've been programmed from birth to complain and whine about everything possible.

    However in my case, my wifes perfect and never complains, neither does my mother (she just refuses to get into a car with me driving roll_lau ). You know you must be careful what you say with DoubleChevrons mum, and Mrs DoubleChevron lurking mallet wink whistle

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    my other 1/2 actually likes the sit you back in the seat acceleration of the GTi-6
    and for my mother...........
    well she just likes low level flying and cornering hard
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    My ex was such a whinge she used to nag me into obeying the speed signs on windy roads, in mountains i had to pull over & change drivers.
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    My other half keeps saying she doesn't like the noise from the new pod filter and exhaust. Funny thing is she got all hot and flusted when I accelerated hard before the mods. Wonder what she'll think when I run it in and have the cams adjusted. roll_lau


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    Haven't got one.
    I often have Dad in the car, and he tells me off a bit, but I don't break the speed limit, cos I can't afford any fines.
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    well I don't have one but my mum certainly doesn't appreciate even slightly enthusiastic cornering in the 505 due to the body roll. Then one day we discovered that sure, the 505 will roll a lot when going around a corner quickly, but her Magna remain flat while understeering and skid onto the wrong side of the road... She's changed her tune now whistle .
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    Don't know what Linda thinks of my driving. Grumbles about the large size of the gap I leave in front of me sometimes. Half the time she just claims car sickness unless she's driving, grabs the keys and hairs offf down the road with me in the passenger seat.

    I call her Fangio, especially now she has Carmella, the red XSi.


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    Um, well the girlfriend don't like the car, the fact that's its not really reliable and has no aircon is another problem. No heater, aw shucks

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    I daren't answer this question...

    Just look at where I live, work it out for yourselves.

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    Not married but Girlfriend dissaproves of my driving. Mainly speed and unescessary risks, not for the sake of getting anywhere quickly just for the fun of it. I hate people who speed only 3-4km/h over the limit and hog the right lane, I have to pass them down the emergency lane/ footpath/ median strip.

    Fuel consumption when I drive is about 14l/100, with her driving about 9l/100...

    I've tried the "wipe off 5 thing" but the difference between 160 and 155 doesn't seem much?

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    Ow boy do I cop from Sarah it when I get amoungst it on open roads. Mt Glorious, Tamborine, Peachester, Springbrook etc etc. I even get called a 'dickhead' when the time comes to nail some rice.

    Thats said, she was a very good sport in Sydney on the Old Pac Highway. Not a murmur...mind you she had her eyes closed most of the time... I would of two at the cracking pace we made.

    An anycase, there is a time and a place for 'spirited' driving and the city is not one of these so it's not ofter I hear "Stop being a dickhead" in my left ear.
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    Between Deb and I we usually negotiate who gets to drive the "good bits" like Brown Mt between Cooma and Bega and various others. We both like a spirited drive.

    However, she likes to remind me that I travel too close to other cars at times - particularly in Sydney traffic. I knew this was a fault (passed on from Dad) but I have worked on it real hard and am much better now. Funny enough it usually leaves the gap you need to get out and around when the need arises. dance

    If we are driving home at night from Sydney, when we hit the freeway I usually hear the whirr of the electric seat winding back a bit then a short time later a gentle snore from the left as Deb catches 20 mins of sleep while I drive home. That, to me, indicates her implicit trust in my driving blush whistle
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