There has been talk of Peugeots loosing their driver appeal and some Japanese cars readily improving (eg Mazda6 and new Liberty). Anyway, was flicking through a Wheels magazine and found a review of the new, large Honda Accord (the US model).

... But it's not a car that drivers will enjoy. The light steering isn't a major problem, but the way it absorbs vital information from the front tyres before it reaches the driver's fingertips is. And while the chassis' response to steering is reasonable, there's not a lot that's positive to be said about the handling.

Moderate to heavy understeer, mostly. It can be provoked into oversteer, but you won't want to repeat the experiment. It's flaccid and floppy, not firm and fun, when the rear end begins to slip.


Sadly, the ride is not brilliant either. There's sharpness over uban potholes, yet a lack of damping descipline when rounding buckled, country road corners...
In contrast the 'euro' Honda accord is meant to be brilliant. Still nice to know that someone is stuffing up cars as much as peugeot did with the 607 roll_lau

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