messing with car = break stuff
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    messing with car = break stuff

    Ah, during the weekend the multiple attemps to install a belt from the crank shaft pulley to the aircon- compressor, with a belt size recommended from a bosch catalogue, but that was fine, it was too small so I returned it for a bigger one


    Eventually we got it on, so my dad decided to give the pug some high revving redline attemps (aka rev the car up)he had a look at the carb, and the outlet hoze from the fuel pump to the carb inlet was cracked and leaking fuel, not good.

    So we decide that tommorrow we'll go to marlows and get another fuel hose, sounds easy.

    The next day I attempt to remove the hose off the fuel pump outlet with the clip undone, and then crack, that can't be good, I look at the tubing and the fuel pump, and well I kinda snapped the outlet connector off.

    Ended up getting a brand new fuel pump late yesterday and tubing cost $59.60, I thought it was gonna cost a lot more then that.

    Just wondering, has anyone else broke stuff when they were messing around with their cars?
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    Just wondering, has anyone else broke stuff when they were messing around with their cars?[/QB][/QUOTE]

    All that sounds like bad luck.

    This stuff happens all the time and it's not always cheap. It's best not to lose your temper if that is possible....bystanders are at risk when spanners are family members will be apt to emulate your antics at a later date just to take the piss or remind you of your shortcomings.

    For me the worst case scenario was a failed adjustment to a cam belt...not a frog car but still ended up costing the best part of $1000 in bent valves, machining and labour....ouch. At least it didn't slap against the belt guard I guess I fixed the problem in a round about way.

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    I was seriously expecting the damage to be $200+ as I've seen some fuel pumps for like $150, and add to this the "parts myth" and I was starting to feel peeved and dissapointment. I had another guy guote me $71 for the pump or $20 second hand, I thought I'd rather strech it a bit more and get brand new, so if I end up wrecking my pug, I'm sure someone on this site will claim it.
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    Just wondering, has anyone else broke stuff when they were messing around with their cars?
    All the time. Trim removal on any 1980's Renault (I assume this applies accross the board!) is always a gritted teeth affair for me.

    Will the little plastic clips survive, or will they just snap off rendering that bit of trim loose forever?

    Of course, getting the trim off intact is half the problem. Getting it back is often when disaster strikes....
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    I think anyone who says they haven't broken something while mucking around with their car is either lying or not telling the truth - you decide. There are a few stories I could tell, but we all could.

    I also found once that it pays to not only read the repair manual, but while disassembling, make the diagrams IN the manual accurately represent the order of the parts in real life - esp if they are drawings not photos! Took me over two hours to get the top back on a DS 4speed box due to a poor diagram - of course Mrs UFO spotted what the problem was - just to make matters worse! dead

    The things I like are similar to what happened to me on the weekend. Got the XM up on stands to drain the ATF fluid - not sure when it had been done last so I thought it would be time. After carefully getting the car there and having tools etc ready, I slide under the car only to find the gearbox sump plug is an 8mm allen key. What size ak don't I have? Yes of course, 8mm. mutter mutter...

    OK then, only one thing to do - OFF TO BUNNINGS! Woohoo!!! $25 later I now have a large set of allen keys that will do most jobs. More for the tool box dance
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    So they've changed the 8mm square plug for an Allen key one?? Or do you now have an 8mm Allen Key that you may never use; unless of course you decide to toss a new cambelt on which if it also fits the tensioners as it does on the BX 16V, should be interesting when you try to use it with a tension wrench...which is why I bought one that fits onto a half inch drive socket/tension wrench & can be used the same as a socket spanner.
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    Hi Guys,

    that same (8mm from memory) allen key I also had to purchase in socket form to remove the starter bolts. They are tight little [email protected][email protected] with awkward access. Also of all the stupid sizes you'll need an 18mm offset spanner cut in half to adjust the timing belt tensioner (come to think of it, this would be a much better spot for an alan key).

    Hey Sajica, you mean there's a time working on a car when you don't break stuff you weren't going to touch?? Man I can't even back the shitty BX out of the drive without another plastic item breaking, let alone work on it mallet mallet

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    The best one I had was when working on a mates GS a few years back on a really minor underbonnet job that needed be done that required the under-engine body work, fan and hot air ducting removed from the front of the engine.(Can't remenber what it was, something REALLY minor anyway)
    Realised we needed to raise the car up so we could get some stands underneath it.
    No worries, lets get Mr Hydropneumatic working for us.
    Turn the key, engine goes from 0 to 10,000rpm in one second, timing belt pulleys fly off the end of the crankshaft, timing belts fly off, engine goes from 10,000 to 0rpm in four milliseconds.
    Bent valves, hammered pistons, bent conrods.
    Sh%^T !! What happened!!
    The front hot air panel holds the carby return spring which had, errrr, been removed, so the carb was wide open. The cooling fan was also off the crankshaft so the timing belt pulleys were only being held on by, well, nothing really.
    Many hundreds of dollars and weeks later..... dead

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    gee feel better hearing what others have done. Heres one of mine.

    Many years ago I had an old LJ Torana 1300 deluxe. I noticed it was leaking oil from the rocker cover. I thought that even I could probably change a rocker cover gasket without stuffing up. Nope!!

    While the rocker cover was off, I had a bit of a look and poke around the rockers. I noticed that 2 of them were tight and 2 were loose, so I got out the old socket set and tightened up the looses ones!

    It didn't run real well after that!

    Luckily no real damage done, just me looking ike an idiot when I explained what I had done to the local mechanic. mallet


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