Pug 306 Cabrio... Child Restraint??
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    Pug 306 Cabrio... Child Restraint??

    Hoping someone can help me with some info.... I have a 2001 Peugeot 306 Cabrio and I've been told (by a pug service dealer) that it should (to adhere to Australian Standards) have an anchor point in the back somewhere for the correct fitting of a child restraint.... does anyone know where I can find it?? I am at a loss!


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    Hi Justine,

    Welcome to Aussiefrogs. If it's like most other cars, it should be just inside the boot 'lip'

    Stick your head in the boot (not sure how it works in a Cabrio...) and look down. You usually need an extension piece of seat belt with the special key-hole hook fitting from the car seat on the end of it.


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    if it has never been used it will be covered with a little hard plastic cover
    if not there are three points across the rear of the 306 up against the rear lip of the boot floor to anchor child restraints
    you will need to get an extension strap if you have a really young child if not and you have the seat facing to the front you may get away without having to get the extension
    there are two large round plastic discs that fill in the other two anchor points on either side of the boot
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    Justine welcome to the messageboard. How did you find out about our site BTW? head_ban

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