Rally of Melbourne
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    Rally of Melbourne

    Hey guys
    Anyone going to Rally of Melbourne???
    Im planning to go tomorrow,it will be my first rally & i cant wait!!!!!

    Anyone got any reccomendations or advice?



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    Rally drivers are great, don't get me wrong, but once their right foot touches the throttle, that adrenaline starts, their pulse quickens, their eyes glaze over and they're in another world! If you're in their path you better move FAST or risk getting hit.

    Didn't Collin McCrae once hit a photographer and continue to drive without stopping? I think it happened in New Zealand and he hit him bad enough to break the man's leg. I think he hit some other bystanders a couple of times too.

    My recommendation for you is to listen to the marshalls and the safety advice. I want to be a co-driver; I feel safer inside the car!

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