Just pulled a part of this news item off a news service re: record fuel prices in the US.
Seems the good ol' boys are not impressed at the prices they are paying for petrol, but compare it to what we pay & even worse, to what the poms have to wear. cry cry

Drivers who hadn't filled up lately were in for an unpleasant surprise: Gasoline prices have hit record highs in many parts of the country after the Northeast blackout shut down refineries and a pipeline broke in Arizona.

Earlier this week, the Lundberg Survey reported its biggest two-week jump ever 15 cents per gallon and a national average of nearly $1.75 per gallon, just short of the survey's all-time high weighted average.

The prices left many drivers peeved but undeterred.


"At most, I may have to spend $10 or $15 more, but I'm not going to cancel a trip for $10," said Michael Moses as he filled up at a New Orleans service station Friday, his last task before departing for Pensacola, Fla., three hours away.

Travel was slightly off at the airports. AAA predicted 3.7 million tourists will fly, down from a year ago. Air Transport Association spokeswoman Diana Cronan said travel was down in May through July, and she also expects it to be off some over Labor Day.

"The economy, the hassle factor with security many travelers are feeling the extra amount of time that is needed in the airports, and it just makes it easier on some of your shorter flights to drive," Cronan said.

At a gas station in the Kansas City suburb of Overland Park, Kan., motorists waited in line for about an hour to pay just 97 cents a gallon in a radio station promotion.

Most people, though, had to pay full price.

Alan S deal