Discounted new Pugs and Renaults
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    Discounted new Pugs and Renaults

    Hi all,

    19 new Pugs and 15 new Renaults at 'discounted' prices at the moment at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

    The discounts aren't very big - I'd be inclined to say you could probably get them even at a dealer, but hey?



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    There's more than what meets the eye - I'll be frank, a $500 discount is laughable on a 30k car. A $1500 discount on a 607, bah! I suspect that they don't want to advertise huge discounts publicly.

    When I was shopping for a car at the start of 2002, I did enquire via Discount New Cars and they offered me a new Clio Expression 1.4A with metallic for $23k, or a saving of $2k.

    $2k's not bad for a Euro hatch in that price range. We're not dealing with Fords or Holdens here.

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