Running and maintaining this web site.
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    Running and maintaining this web site.

    Hi Gibgib,


    I'm wondering what it takes to run a site like this? How much does it cost and do you run it off your own server or is it hosted by someone else? Just curious.

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    It used to cost me US$38.85 per quarter for hosting with <a href="" target="_blank"></a> before DCSI Internet <a href="" target="_blank"></a> offered to host for no cost!
    Only other ongoing expense is domain name registration. This was AUD$120 per year last year with Melbourne IT, this year thanks to de-regulation it was only AUD$69 for 2 years! Negligable!
    Last week I spent about 6 hours updating the whole site & stuff (logo changes, dead links, new forums etc), but usually only 3-4 hours a week.
    Must spend anywhere from 4-6 hours p/w reading post but cheers!

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